Bodylotion - Crème du CIEL for skin care

with Charismon® - the highly pure oil of egg

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Bodylotion - Crème du CIEL for skin care

This extraordinary skin care substance satisfies the highest expectations of skin care.

A new age of skin care has begun.

The basic cream consists of natural ingredients isolated from special oils like: Tryglycerides (from palm oil), Squalanes (from olive oil), Ceramides (bio-fermentation), Phospholipids (from soya-lecithin), Phytosterols (from shea-butter).

Scientific results

- calms inflammations and flares

- soothes irritations and injuries

- first aid for skin irritations like sun burns

- reduces pain and harmonises cellulites

- initiates the regeneration process for nearly all skin problems


Important active substances::

- Charismon®, the highly purified oil of egg, approved as successful in La Crème du CIEL for a long time

- Gelée Royal, sesame-, almond- and walnut-oil, in a qualitiy meeting highest expectations

- Vitamin A and E do not only pamper the skin, but also help to remove free radicals in their function as anti-oxidant agents

- Wormwood extract soothes inflammatory processes


Keywords: Skin care | sun burns | injuries | inflammations | pain reduction 


(German) Video
about the development
of the oil of egg

with examples

The process for the
production of the
oil of egg is patented
in 37 countries