Experience with the Charismon®-products

To begin with: Personal experiences of Mrs. Prüfer

1. Crème du Ciel

Crème du Ciel helped me with neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

I applied it to cuts and sunburn and the maladies were healed within a very short time.

Meanwhile I even apply it for back pain in the lower lumbar region and for irritations of the Achilles tendon to the hurting areas and I am no more surprised of its healing effects

2. Bodylotion

The skin at the thigh has nearly no more cellulite and the skin at the upper arms is tight and firm

3. Crème dental:

After years of having inflamations at the tooth roots and three surgeries I could use the dental cream. After one week the inflammation was gone and never came back. .

For years my mother had problems with periodontitis. After she had usued the dental cream the periodontitis was pushed back and the teeth solidified.

4. MultiVitaMin-Tabls.:

Due to every day stresses I became a bit short of breath and climbing stairs became more difficult.

14 days after taking the VitaMin-Tabls. I felt mich more energized and the 'short-breathing'-period was gone.


(German) Video
about the development
of the oil of egg

with examples

The process for the
production of the
oil of egg is patented
in 37 countries