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Abrasions Acne Arthrosis Back pain
Bruises Burnings
Circulatory disorder Cuts Energy [increase] Facial erysipelas/ furuncle Fingernails Gastritis
Grand children Hair loss Hay fever Head ache Heart disease Herpes
Insect bites Itching Muscle problems Neurodermatitis Psoriasis Skin problems [various]
Sore throat Swellings Tick bites     Pets

About 15 years ago my fingernails started to split resp. torn. For 4 months now I use the oil of egg-cream for them. I am happy to recognize that all these problems are gone now. Therefore I would like to thank you - Ch.Sch., Eppstein/Ts, July `01

Hello, I take for a few months now the VitaMin-tablets. and my total health condition improved permanently. From my 18th birthday I suffered from a chronic gastritis due to hyperacidity. Since I take the tablets I do not have stomach pain even under heavy stress. At the same time I feel by far more vital. Even after a stress day I do not know headache anymore and feel fresh and energetic. In the morning I can get-up by far better.

Besides of that my tinnitus has gone. And in combination with the fruit slices I eat by far healthier. In addition I do no more eat meat and care for a regular cleaning of the intestine. This combination has given a lot of life energy . With best regards - M.Sch.-Th. from D., 5/10/2005

Grand children
This cream is indispensable for us and my grandchildren name it only the ‘magic cream’ - A.F. from H.,27/24/2005

Hair loss
Dear Dr. N., in September last year I visited your practice as I had problems with hairloss. I had lost 2/3 of my hair and wore a wig during these days. Thanks to your therapy, the “VitaMin” tablets and the respective hair tonic with the oil of egg my hair recovered completely and are strong. Best regards - H.P., 5/27/2005

Hay fever
For many years I suffer from heavy hay fever. I had to inject myself a homoeopathic medicine twice each year a week and take many drops in order to stand it. Now I have worked a few days with elderflowers, stripped them from the branches and collected them into a bucket. This would have been impossible to date I never could have done this without suffering from very heavy hay fever and burning of the eyes. Now I could stand it without problems as I apply the oil of egg-cream as well to the nostrils as into the eyes. A totally new feeling of relief. - A.D., 6/18/1996

Head ache
Head ache on the right forehead and right part of the head. Apply the cream on forehead and temples, behind the ears as well as in the neck. Pain are reduced, I realize them only if pressed. - M.Z., Obernburg, June `96

Heart disease
On 12/24/2003 I had been delivered tot he hospital.
During the examination one found out that I have a auricular myxoma (non-cancerous tumor in the heart). This was removed operatively at the university clinic in Innsbruck (Austria) on 1/9!2004. On 1/13/2004 I had an emergency operation. Rethoracotomy because of pericardial tamponade (repeated opening of the chest cavity)- After that I had been so weak that I even could not cut a slice of bread or clean my teeth. I had been such powerless. Thereafter I had my rehabilitation in Saalfelden. Here I made small walks in the groups. I did not have much power. I could turn the key of the door of my apartment only very tricky. For a few weeks now I take “thanks to” Mrs. Dr. Wackernagel the Energy-tablets “VitaMin DU CIEL”. I do thank god that he made them available to me. With my 72 years of age I am a real ‘power package’. No way is to far, no work to hard. I am ‘fit as a fiddle’ – Thanks - Edith Sch., Austria, 9/30/2004

Hear disease/physical weakness
1. Experience report „VitaMIN du CIEL". After a bypass-surgery, followed by a wound healing treatment I was weak even after a rehabilitative measure so that I could not leave the house.

The wounds which did not heal were treated daily - for about 2 months - by the nurses of the hospital. Upon finalization of the treatment the weakness did not really change. A significant improvement only took place after I took the pills of „VitaMin DU CIEL“ (twice daily). First improvements showed up after 2 weeks, Now 4 weeks later I feel recovered so far that I can leave the house without assistance in order to buy things, etc.
I am happy about the regained independence - Thea Ch., from F., 8/9/2004

Herpes Zoster
6/21/1995 Herpes Zoster at the left part of the chest with strong burning
6/22/1995 Burning increases
6/23/1995 very strong burning – therapy from family doctor with injections
6/29/1995 now unbelievable pain
6/30/1995 Aspirin and painkillers do not help

In the afternoon I receive the cream; I did not know what the meaning of the name is, however, it was a really heavenly feeling when I applied the cream. After only a few minutes there started a pain relief which lastet for 1,5-2 hours. Then I applied the cream day and night. I only need just a few suppositories in addition.
7/1/1995 The rash declined
7/5/1995 The pustules decrease - H.B., Frankfort/M

During a flight to HongKong I felt that herpes simplex was coming. Immediately I applied the oil of egg-cream. After applying it twice within two hours they were gone completely. - R.Z., 6/18/1996

Insect bites
Our kids realize that itching after insect bites stops immediately and reddening disappears very soon - M.Z.,Obernburg, June `96
During a birthday party several persons had mosquito bites and one person having a tick bite. The bites do not itch anymore after 5 – 10 minutes, even not the tick bite. - M.Z.,June `96

I have some fluor with a light itching along with it. Apply the cream to my vaginal area. Itching becomes more for abt. 4 – 5 days. Skin reddened, than it decreases - M.Z., Obernburg, June `96

Muscle problems
Acute massive pulled muscle so that I nearly couldn’t walk. After applying the cream 10 times, each after 20 minutes, the pain was gone. Wonderful.

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