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Abrasions Acne Arthrosis Back pain
Bruises Burnings
Circulatory disorder Cuts Energy [increase] Facial erysipelas/ furuncle Fingernails Gastritis
Grand children Hair loss Hay fever Head ache Heart disease Herpes
Insect bites Itching Muscle problems Neurodermatitis Psoriasis Skin problems [various]
Sore throat Swellings Tick bites     Pets

Christopher fell with his bike. All of the forearm was scraped and dirty by many little stones.
- He had strong pain and feared cleaning of the wounds
- So I applied the cream directly on to the open arm, because Christopher didn’t fear the cream
- During the first minutes the pain was obviously much stronger, but a clear liquid emerged from the wounds
- From this moment the pain reduced and already during the next day the wounds were covered with scab and closed
- Christopher didn’t have anymore pain and could use the arm as if there was nothing – D.H.-20.8..95

53 years. Acne from the early youth which didn’t get better, even not when growing older. With the oil of egg-cream a sustainable improvement was reached. – Ch. S. – Vienna July 1999

For me the oil of egg-cream is a real sensation. It became the little healing doctor for various smaller ailments. Here some successful effects of this wonderful cream, tested by myself:

Strong arthrosis pains of the knee, tennis elbow, with contortions and sprains, for painful scars, inflammations in the lip area, inside and outside the anus - M.G.,Frankfort/M, Sept.`01

Back pain
Back pain, when waking up in the morning, applied cream once. Pain gone within a minute ! - M.Z.,Obernburg, June `96

Christina, 11 years old, was hit by a frisbee disc at the eyebrow – the area immediately swell and one had the impression it would burst any moment.
- Christina had strong pain and was afraid of any touch of the wound
- She said nothing was allowed there only the ‚Doc-cream’ (the cream of the doctor)
- After a short period of time she said that the pain in the head would be better and the throbbing pain at the eyebrow reduced
- The area above the eyebrow first was swollen like a table tennis ball and after a quarter of an hour it was only half of it
- The bruise was defeated from minute to minute and one could recognize that no ‘colouring’ would come
- The next day there neither a bruise nor a ‘blue’ eye

If we collect all the applications under one name we come to the result, that it is unimaginable that this cream doesn’t exist anymore in our family – it is our ACCIDENT-cream – D.H. 8/20/1995

On 6/20/1996 I burnt the inside of my left thumb extensively. The skin was burnt ‘white-red’ (2-3 degree) and red at the edges. I had strong pain. I applied immediately the cream and repeated this every 20 minutes. After 2 hours the pain was gone.

6/21/1996: The pain is gone completely. There is now a white bubble and the skin is without feeling. Applied the cream 3 times daily.

6/24/1996: Applied the cream to the bubble over night. Next day the bubble was gone. After 1 week the thumb looks like before and the feeling came back completely. - C.D., Weiterstadt

Thursday, 6/27/1995 at about 3 in the afternoon, I had a massive burn of thumb and middle finger of the left hand at a ceramic pot, which came out of a calcining furnace where it had been burned at 400 °C for an hour. The contact was made immediately when the pot left the furnace. Also immediately thereafter I held my hand below running cold water, however, there was a burned bubble immediately coming. 15 mins later I applied the oil of egg- cream and repeated that 5 times within abt. 30 – 45 minutes. The pain was gone with the second application of the cream. The next day I forgot to apply the cream because I didn’t feel any hindrance due to pain. Even thereafter I didn’t apply it again. On Friday 6/30/1991 the burn couldn’t be felt anymore and the bubbles were gone. - G.S.,Unna16. August 1995

Burnt myself with a Bunsen burner at three fingers and the thumb of my left hand. Very strong pain. Cream applied immediately. After 10 to 15 minutes the pain was gone. No burn bubble. I apply the cream every 15 – 20 mins. The next day shows only a slight reddening. I cream again 3 – 5 times during the day. The next day the skin is perfectly restored. As I work in a laboratory for many years already and burnt myself several times I have to state that the cream really worked miraculously - Dr.N. aus Frankfurt/Main

I had a filled ‘match book’ in my hand. When lighting one match suddenly all matches were lit. That resulted in a massive burning of my left hand with incredible pain. I obtained the oil of egg-cream which I first applied about 5 minutes thereafter and then again every 10 minutes. After about 20 – 30 minutes the incredible pain were reduced considerably so that I stand them much easier. I applied again twice during the night (it all happened at about 1.30 in the morning) and the next day no pain were there anymore and the skin really nearly back to normal. The next day one could hardly see anything. About 4 colleagues saw it happening. We all are totally surprised of the wonderful effect of this cream. It is a present from heaven. - Dr.M.P.,Wienacht,Schweiz

When burnt the pain leaves very soon and the wound heals within a very short period of time. We have experienced that now in our family several times. - M.Z.Obernburg,Juni `9 6

Very heavy burnings (2. Degree) with bacterial superinfection. After 6 – 8 days we see a very good epithelialization, i. e. total regeneration of the skin (University-Clinic 1995, L.) - (6 similar cases documented)

Circulatory disorder
The father has strong blue-red spots at the legs due to a circulatory disorder, which had been treated by the family doctor without success. No improvement at all. After multiple application of the cream we recognize a significant improvement. - R.Z., June `96,Obernburg

- hurt during rinsing at the right hand by a broken glass
- the wound was very deep and it blooded heavily
- immediately I applied the cream, made a pressure bandage and was surprised what happened:

Bleeding stopped after 3 minutes, the subliminal throbbing was reduced and already the next day the wound was closed and I could use my finger again. - D.H., 20.8.95

Energy (increase)
After official presentation of the cream on Saturday 6/1/1996, I applied it to my body before going to sleep. This meant that I was fit all night so that I could have worked all the night long. Although I only fell asleep for a short period towards the morning I felt fresh all day long. I had the feeling to be connected to an electrical outlet. - M.M., Frankfort/M, June 1996

My sister realized that she receives new energy when applying the cream to the pulse area on the wrist - M.Z.,Obernburg, June`96

Applied the cream to all my body, feel new energy coming, feel like being exchanged. - M.Z., Obernburg, June `96

Facial erysipelas/furuncle
Mrs. Sch. from Hamburg writes on 8/4/2005: Dear Mrs. Dr. W., my experience report with the wonderful products with oil of egg: On 5/10/2005 I entered a hospital. Diagnosis Facial erysipelas. Hardest hit was the right eye and the right forehead. Water accumulations and swellings around the eye (hardly to be opened) as well as a long (3,5 cms) and deep furuncle on the forehead. I looked like a monster.

On 5/23/2005 relieve from the hospital. Final treatment by a dermatologist, ophthalmologist. After 4 weeks treatment with ointments, cream and strong painkillers hardly an improvement, the eye still closed by half and the wound on the forehead nearly unchanged! On 6/30/2005 I called you (information on the oil of egg cream and phone number taken out of a book from Bärbel Mohr).

„Thanks“ for your broad information regarding the oil of egg-cream and „thanks“ for your fast supply on 7/2/2005 I can look back today – the 8/4/2005 – to a 4-week successful and wondrous treatment with the oil of egg-cream. Already one week after start I could open my eye completely; reddings, swellings and water accumulations are gone completely. The wound on the forehead is nearly closed without scarring.

Scarrings of smaller fallen pustules (chicken pox virus) are nearly gone. For three weeks now I take the energy tablets VitaMin DU CIEL, as well as the Life Energy fruit slices, and I feel fit totally. I am enthusiastic. „Thank you” ! Best regards - M. Sch.

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