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Abrasions Acne Arthrosis Back pain
Bruises Burnings
Circulatory disorder Cuts Energy [increase] Facial erysipelas/ furuncle Fingernails Gastritis
Grand children Hair loss Hay fever Head ache Heart disease Herpes
Insect bites Itching Muscle problems Neurodermatitis Psoriasis Skin problems [various]
Sore throat Swellings Tick bites     Pets

1. Child, male, 8 years
1. Year: Milk crust
2. Year: Neurodermatiitis and Asthma
treated with cortisone and cortisone-ointments
attacked: Face, arms, body and legs
after scratching: bloody skin and either erythema
Treatment with the oil of egg-cream: after one day creaming nearly no reddening, the dryness of the skin disappears remarkably.
Where the cream had been applied the improvement is permanent, there no itching or reddening returns - M.L.L.

2. Child, Niklas, 3 years and 9 months: Neurodermatiitis, primarily hands, forearm and hollow of the knees – various therapy trials with minor results
- Application oft he oil of egg-cream:smoothers and softer skin, but itching didn’t go totally - V.H.(Mother)

Dear Dr. Nawrocki,
Friday I have been with the girlfriend of my son in her practice and used the opportunity to buy the face cream and the Bodylotion. From my birth I suffer from Neurodermatiitis. In bad times you can even see it in my face otherwise (when of balanced mood) I have the problem only on my body, i. e. I do “snow”. As I wear a lot of black cloth they look, when put away in the evening, correspondingly white sprinkled.
On Friday evening I immediately started – and thereafter always in the morning – to use the cream as well as the bodylotion. Since then I do not “snow” anymore and the skin is smooth.
Until now I always had to use petrolatum after bathing which eased itching but which also leaves a greasy film everywhere and in addition doesn’t help anymore after abt. 2 hours. Thanks a lot for such a perfect solution - R. K. Bad.H.v.d.H..

Psoriasis vulgaris for 18 years
My skin was irradiated in the frame of a patient trial in a well-known clinic 1977 and was burned due to an accident so that the skins beneath the burnt spots remained disturbed. The cream was applied for 10 days 3 times a day
-it was a pleasant feeling on the skin, no skin irritation, cream does not have an occlusive effect
- after 4 days: less itching and a skin became smooth
- after 5 days: desquamanation diminishes
-after abt. 1 week the swelling are reduced and skin reddening diminishes - E.L., Frankfort/M, 2/9/1995,

Skin problems (various)
Most heavy bacterial superinfected dermatomycoses (fungus) with resulting fistulas and destruction oft he skin in the genital area of a 10 years old girl. Despite of antibiotics and antimycotics no improvement. Using the oil of egg-cream resulted in a complete healing after 12 days. –Clinic of the university, 1995, L.

I received the cream for my rough-cracked hands – resulting from much washing during winter. The cracked skin hurt with every new touch what could not be avoided in my profession as a hair dresser. After a first application the pain was gone immediately so that I could wash without pain. After additional 3 days the skin started to close and smoothen. This was just before my vacation.
There the water boiler slid from my hand and I cast the whole boiling water (abt. 1 liter) over my hand. Although I had used the cream last about 1 week before I nearly had no pain. I only had a tensed feeling and after 1 to 2 days there appeared a 1-cent-large blister on the thumb back, which, however, didn’t hurt. - M.M., Frankfurt/M, June 1996

She applies the dream to the face. She said it would be tensening. Upon advice she goes on using it. Much better in the second week. In July she informed us that she has a smooth fine pored skin. She will give the advice to other people. - M.Z. für Fr.F., Obernburg, June/July `96

I am pleasantly surprised, within short remainders from blisters on my amputation socket disappeared. In the heavily stressed areas the skin became rose and smooth. Even the pressure spot on top of the fibula head lost very soon the hurting hornings. - M.H., 74921 Helmstadt-Bargen, Nov.`2001

For 10 years dry skin spots at the fingers and the back of the hand. With various creams reached a slight improvement but now – two weeks after starting to apply the oil of egg-cream – the open hurts are healed and it does not hurt anymore. Conclusion; Absolutely advisable - K.Sch., April `00

Sore throat
When having sore throat I applied the cream outside in the evening also on the lymph node. Then I take a bit of the cream in the evening in my mouth, mix it with saliva and swallow it. In the morning the sore throat is gone. - M.Z.,Obernburg, June `96

Face swelling
After a commotion my left face part was covered with thick, hard and dark-red areas. - Trials with a camomile tincture and a camomile face cream, applied every hour, didn’t show any results. I even didn’t want to start vacation.
- then I received the cream and massaged it three times a day – in the next morning the skin had its old colour back
The swellings reduced significantly. I had vacation and after going on with the treatment for five days the left face part was as good as before
- this cream is more than cosmetics, at least, however, the best cosmetic I ever had I do thank you deep from my heart- E.L., Frankfort/M

A hand pallet truck drove over my left foot. The foot was swollen very much and coloured blue to black. After having applied the oil of egg-cream several times the bluish colouring was gone completely after 4 days. I could even wear shoes the day after the accident and to go for my work. - U.R., Dec.`01

Tick bites
- Christopher , 8 years old, collected this year „en gros“
- after properly removing the tick the bite was dabbed with the oil of egg-cream
- there was no reddening or inflammation of the bite
- from the wound a but liquid or a white mass emerged
- on the next day everything was gone and over - D.H., 8/20/1995

Hello Dr.N.,
we have two dogs and the one, she is 11, had problems with her hip when she stood up, a few months ago. After I gave her one tablet per day the problem is gone after three weeks. During that I noticed, that ticks do not like the VitaMin DU CIEL an die from it. In the first days, when the ticks still are small, nothing happens. However, as growing bigger they look like „wrinkled grapes“, who are dying or already dead.
Interesting is – in my opinion – that the dog who didn’t get the VitaMin DU CIEL still has ticks who are big and bulging when saturated. – Best wishes - B.K., 8/9/2005

I appreciate to inform you about my experience with the VitaMin DU CIEL tablets and my dog. He could only walk on three legs for three weeks, i. e. he hobbled. No pet medical could find out the reason and nobody could help- I was very skeptical when they proposed to give him at least 20 VitaMin-tablets.
And exactly after 20 tablets the dog could walk as before. That really is a miracle for me. - J.B., M-B.Str.,Ffm, July 2004

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